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QUATTUORDECIM – A Collaborative Project

From 25 November, 2011 to 30 November, 2011

“QUATTUORDECIM” a collaborative book by fourteen printmakers

The project was originally conceived by Letitia Tunstall who  brought 14 printmakers together with the idea of making a collaborative artists  book entitled Quattuordecim [14]. Each artist produced 15 original prints, one for each of the  participating artists and one for exhibition. Individually the artists then bound their books using  traditional and highly original bindings. The exciting results can be seen at this exhibition together  with other work often inspired by the book.


14 prints by 14 artist/printmakers presented in book form

The exhibition also includes other work by the artists.

The Pie Factory
5-9 Broad Street
Margate CT9 1EW
Open  11 – 5pm

art exhibition

Quattuordecim at the Pie Factory, Margate

QUATTUORDECIM will be exhibiting at:

The Pie Factory, 5-9 Broad Street, Margate, CT9 1EW

Nov 24th-30th 2011, opening times:11-5pm.

Quattuordecim is a collaborative project featuring 14 prints by 14 printmakers which have all been presented in book form.

Exhibition also includes other prints by the following contributing artists:

Dawn Cole,

Clare Winchester,

Ruth Dent,

Alex Leadbeater,

Will Taylor,

Patricia Brown,

Franny Swann,

Mike Tedder,

Tor Hildyard,

Anne O’Shea,

Lindsay Connors,

Cathryn Kemp,

Letitia Tunstall,

For more information about the Quattuordecim project, please see: