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Pebble painting workshops – Lasting Memories Project

East Cliff Creative’s Lasting Memories Project, to commemorate peace after WW1, is gaining a real momentum but there are still many pebbles to be painted before the end of June. If you or anyone you know would like to make their mark on a few there are a number of free walk-in painting workshops:

May 11th Folkestone Library 10am-2pm
May 16th Block67, 67 Tontine St 11am-7pm
May 17th Cheriton Library 10am-12pm
May 19th Block67, 67 Tontine St 10am-4pm

The project is growing rapidly with over 1,500 school children taking part in painting pebbles at schools and youth centres.
They only have to paint 20,000!!!! Each one will be a mini artwork that will become part of the seven giant Beach Poppies to be constructed on the 29th/30th June. Anyone can take part and you don’t have to be an artist.
To find out more here are a few links that will explain:

Lasting Memories is centred around the creation of seven giant poppies on the beaches of Folkestone at the end of June 2019. The poppies will be created from around 20,000 Folkestone pebbles. Each pebble will be its own mini artwork, painted using special eco-friendly paint by the community, young and old. Everyone is welcome!

The Poppies will represent the seven months between the Armistice of WW1 and eventual peace, with the signing of the treaty of Versailles on June 28th 1919. Each poppy will represent stories from seven themes that impacted on the local community during this time.
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art exhibition

PIY PaintLounge

Salon exhibition, painting conversations & fundraiser for Hospital Rooms charity

30 September – 3 October
Arch 11 Bohemia Place, Hackney, E8 1DU

Preview: 3 – 9pm, Saturday 30th September
Opening talk: 4 – 5pm, Saturday 30th September
Exhibition continues: 12 – 6pm, Sunday 1 – Tuesday 3 October

PIY PaintLounge is a salon exhibition, fundraiser and series of conversations with over 40 contemporary painters and arts professionals talking about painting as a part of Sluice Biennial 2017.

PIY PaintLounge is a collaborative project between paintbritain and PaintUnion which aims to bring as many painters as possible together to discuss and celebrate painting in all its many and various forms.

In addition, PIY PaintLounge is taking this opportunity to support Hospital Rooms, an arts and mental health charity, and highlight as many painters as possible with a unique fundraising exhibition of small works. The ‘Make Your Mark’ exhibition will support Hospital Rooms with 20 x 20cm painted works sold for £30 each, with all profits to go to support the charity. The makers of submitted works will remain anonymous until after Sluice Biennial, when they will be posted to the purchaser and their identities revealed.

“Make you mark” participating artists so far are
Suki Berwick, Karl Bielik, Day Bowman, Broughton & Birnie, Rebecca Byrne, Andrea Coltman, Michelle Conway, Maria De Lima, Adam Dix, Liz Elton, Kristian Evju, Geoffrey Hands, May Hands, Sam Hodge, Alice Irwin, Ann-Marie James, Gareth Kemp, Zoe Laughlin, Mindy Lee, Paula MacArthur, Lee Marshall, Stacie McCormick, James Melloy, Clare Mitten, Cara Nahaul, Aimee Parrott, Fabian Peake, Mitchell R. Johnson & Charley Peters, Geoffrey Pimlott, Phillip Reeves, Michael O’Reilly, Tamsin Relly, Wendy Saunders, Tim A Shaw, Yukako Shibata, Mike Tedder, Gavin Turk, Jane Walker, Tess Williams, Jaeyeon Yoo

Works will only be available to buy online and go on sale at 9am on 29 September, click here to view and buy


Sara Berman, Katrina Blannin, Isha Bøhling, Simon Burton, Rebecca Byrne, Marcus Cope, Emma Cousin, Jude Cowan Montague, Graham Crowley, Karen David, Rosalind Davis, Liz Elton, Oli Epp, Geraint Evans, Nadine Feinson, Alastair Gordon, Bea Haines, Adam Hennessey, Alice Irwin, Ann-Marie James, Matthew Krishanu, Mindy Lee, Paula MacArthur, Sophie Mackfall, Stacie McCormick, Clare Mitten, Ian Monroe, Sid Motion, Valeria Napoleone, Sarah Pager, Selma Parlour, Fabian Peake, Becca Pelly-Fry, Charley Peters, Ruth Philo, Clare Price, Tamsin Relly, Giulia Ricci, Wendy Saunders, Tim A Shaw, Dominic Shepherd, Susan Sluglett, Geraldine Swayne, Jo Volley, Niamh White, Tess Williams, Sue Williams A’Court

PaintUnion, founded by Rebecca Byrne and Liz Elton, organises exhibitions and talks about painting. paintbritain is a part of Contemporary British Painting and is led by group members Wendy Saunders and Paula MacArthur.

Sluice Biennial 2017 — the fourth biennial international fair of artist-run galleries and projects. This year the fair will feature approximately 30 artist/curator-run and emerging galleries and projects in several spaces in the heart of Hackney Central, East London. Entry to the fair, talks, screenings and performances are all free to the public.

Click here for a downloadable press release & schedule of talks