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World Cyanotype Day 2020

Happy World Cyanotype Day! It’s finally here and there have been so many gorgeous entries. My cyanotype for ‘Interconnected’ has now been added to the gallery and can be viewed with all the fantastic 2020 entries and wonderfully varied forms of cyanotypes here: for World Cyanotype Day. A huge thanks to Alternative Photography for hosting and let’s make this the BIGGEST World Cyanotype Day EVER!

When we Touch: cyanotype on cotton fabric

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Nieuwsbrief 5/20

An exto newsletter is out today showing some current artwork on display in my gallery at

Beste kunstliefhebber, in deze nieuwsbrief vind je de laatste updates van mijn werk. Veel leesplezier en graag tot ziens in mijn online galerie! Contact met mij opnemen? Laat een reactie achter op mijn site.

Aan de rand van de hemel
Uit een reeks afbeeldingen over het overschrijden van grenzen en de taal van wegwijzers.

De rode boom
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

De erfenis van elektronische kleppen; van elektronenstroom tussen anode en kathode….

De keuze (is aan jou)
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

Transmission (Uitzending)
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

Een reeks monochrome ontwerpen op basis van lettertypen – de eenvoudige schoonheid van…

Verhalen over het onverwachte
Een korte serie verhalen van één pagina.

A tot B
Een reeks monochrome ontwerpen op basis van lettertypen – de eenvoudige schoonheid van…

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White Chair Gallery launches

The White Chair Gallery popped up in Deal last Saturday for it’s first public launch. Artists gathered with a wonderfully diverse array of white chairs, together with a piece of work each to exhibit.
Our first location was under the shade of large tree in the High Street, before moving on to outside the Astor theatre, with a final show to greet passengers disembarking from the Orient Express, which pulled in to Deal station early afternoon.
Many stopped to view the art on display and chat, while the impromptu gallery provided a great opportunity to bring art outside, into local public spaces. SEAS artists are now looking forward to the White Chairs gallery making its next exhibition tour.

A lone white chair from the White Chair gallery also appeared in Peene, Kent, last Sunday to join in the pop-up art show there.

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FAC Autumn Exhibition at PecheArt

30th October – 19th November 2010

Members of the Folkestone Arts Collective will be exhibiting at the PecheArt Gallery this Autumn.

PecheArt Gallery is based in Sandgate, near Folkestone, Kent and showcases original work by some of the most talented artists across the South of England, Canada and France.

55 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate CT20 3AH

Click to download a poster here.

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SEAS (South East Artists) at The Horsebridge, Whitstable


Welcome to our first Mixed Media exhibition at the Horsebridge, showing work by 21 very different artists. SEAS (South East Artists) was formed in 2005 with the aim of actively promoting the visual arts and crafts in the local community. We seek to provide a framework to motivate, encourage and challenge all artists towards pursuing their creative ambitions and working towards a standard of excellence.

25th March until 5th April

You are welcome to visit our special ‘meet the artists’ afternoon on Saturday 27th of March from 1-6pm

The Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre
11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AF
Our galleries are open 9am – 6pm daily (10am – 5pm Sunday’s) – free entry.

Names of Exhibitors;
Penny Jackson – Painter and sculpture
Peter Hayes-Watkins – Watercolour artist
Liz Mott – Photographer
Jim Robertshaw – Acrylic painter
Sue Manton – Coloured pencil and watercolour artist
Sylvia Brambleby – Oil painter
David White – Ceramics
Peter Bernamont – Pencil sketcher
Helen Komatsu – Ceramic sculpture
Helen Hanson – Etching and mixed media painter
Nigel Rhodes – Screen Printer
Katryn Saqui – Painter and sculpture
Caroline Raffan – Fused and cast glass
Julie Wale – Watercolour, oil and pastel painter
Mike Tedder – Mixed media artist
Chris Birbeck – Textile artist
Elisabeth Sephton – Photographer
Andrew Hayes-Watkins – Photographer
Marilyn Williams – Potter
Katharine Love – Porcelain and textile artist