Axisweb category of the week ‘Illustration’

Wonderful surprise to find my mixed-media paper collage ‘Below’ has been featured this week on Axisweb’s ‘Category of the Week’ page. A curated collection added 2nd May 2017 featuring a selection of illustration works from Axisweb artists.

Axisweb is an independent charity, who provide a valuable platform and network to support the development, sharing and showcasing of contemporary art practice.
#Axisweb #CategoryOfTheWeek #Illustration Below by @miketedder

To see more of the collection for this week, please click the following link:

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Axisweb ‘Category of the Week’

Excited to find my drawing/collage ‘La Bouche’ has been included in a new feature on Axisweb called ‘Category of the Week’. Each week they will be taking a look at an artwork category and featuring works by Axis members that have been tagged using this category.

The category this week is ‘Graphics’ and one of my works has been selected to be included. Please take a look via the following link: