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Polaroid Spectra fades

Polaroid instant Spectra film fades from history as film production ceases and these super little cameras, like my Spectra Pro will no longer be fed. These images were made using expired 1990’s original Polaroid Spectra film peeled from pack and mounted on card.

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9e Fête de l’estampe 2021

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Out in the Garden Sketches

A selection of sketches from a new series ‘Out in the Garden’ using hand cut paper collage.

art collage

March collages

A few quick sketches that committed some ideas to paper have recently been influencing the layout and development of three new paper cut-out collages.

There is a light that never goes out: hand-cut paper collage, A4 size, 2021
Strawberry Ice: collage, A4 size, 2021
Colour Insertion: hand-cut paper collage. A4 size, 2021

In The Garden

Sketching towards a ‘garden of earthly delights’ with cut-outs and shadows – free-form collage (assemblage sans colle).

Figure: drawing, cut-out and shadow
In The Garden: cut-outs
Leaves: cut-outs and shadows
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Lily the Pink

Relieved to receive 1st Pfizer BNT vaccine yesterday, but feel a bit off today, as if Covid fatigue has briefly returned to haunt me: c’est la vie. Medicinal compound, most efficacious in every case! Fortunately a day at home today, so a chance to experiment with some collage and Lily The Pink.

Lily the Pink – digital collage 2021