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Print Day in May

Crow Boy meets Crow Boy.

Wiped vinyl lino-cut relief print block and positive a/p print on cartridge paper, postcard size 6×4 inch for hand printing at home. W/b relief ink, hand-press and wooden spoon.

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Nieuwsbrief 5/20

An exto newsletter is out today showing some current artwork on display in my gallery at

Beste kunstliefhebber, in deze nieuwsbrief vind je de laatste updates van mijn werk. Veel leesplezier en graag tot ziens in mijn online galerie! Contact met mij opnemen? Laat een reactie achter op mijn site.

Aan de rand van de hemel
Uit een reeks afbeeldingen over het overschrijden van grenzen en de taal van wegwijzers.

De rode boom
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

De erfenis van elektronische kleppen; van elektronenstroom tussen anode en kathode….

De keuze (is aan jou)
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

Transmission (Uitzending)
Digitale collage en gemengde techniek –  beschikbaar in c-print editie

Een reeks monochrome ontwerpen op basis van lettertypen – de eenvoudige schoonheid van…

Verhalen over het onverwachte
Een korte serie verhalen van één pagina.

A tot B
Een reeks monochrome ontwerpen op basis van lettertypen – de eenvoudige schoonheid van…

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Fête de l’estampe Focus #6

FOCUS #6: The new Focus edition has just been published. This time Fête de l’estampe events in Dover (UK) with Dover Studio Collective and Future Foundry are featured.
Please click the link below to view the full press release in pdf format:
Le nouveau Focus est publié. Cette fois c’est en Grande Bretagne, à Douvres, que cela se passe avec Dover Studio Collective et Future Foundry.
Retrouvez le ici
ou sur la page d’accueil du site de la Fête de l’estampe, en cliquant sur l’icône du Focus #6

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Worldwide Pinhole Day 2020

Garden of Earthly Delights: a celebration of World Pinhole Day within the back-garden. During the Covid-19 lock-down restrictions, where staying at home had become the new ‘normal’, WWPD2020 presented an opportunity to explore the garden through a series of pinhole lens-less photos. My camera for the day was a beautifully retro ‘Pinhole 100’ plastic box camera manufactured by Polaroid, shooting a mixture of expired stock peel-apart instant type-100 film that is sadly no longer manufactured by Polaroid or Fuji. The garden becomes a magical realm in which to lose oneself and exposures of between 10 to 40 seconds allow for the movement of foliage in the wind to register upon the film, creating visual traces of the ethereal nature of this private space.

#wwpd2020 #pinhole #photography # instant #polaroid #artinisolation #artinthetimeofCovid


Colour bar generation

Today was a colour rich day of experiments. Casting my mind back to the old coloured wooden blocks I remember that I played with for counting and maths when really young. Then fast forward a couple of decades to the colour bar generators in video production. Those early memories provided a starting point for further exploration, moving, grouping, re-arranging, re-colouring, and taking pleasure from a varied colour palette.
Although abstract in form and narrative, it is impossible not to view these as landscape-like in the days of the Keukenhof festival.
Four examples in development towards collage and paint, output to c-type print:

La Vie en Rose
The Sun Rising

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Shop update 23/4/20

There are a few more designs available to treat yourself with in my little shop, including those shown below. Shipping worldwide. Please take a look here:

In Natuura floor cushion
Red Tree framed
What’s That? t-shirt
In Natuura wall clock
Red Tree print
What’s That? framed
In Natuura t-shirt
In Natuura bag
On Top of The World notebook