être (to be) a hand-made book

“Unoriginal” is an on-going collaboration project based on re-imagining another artist’s work. Creatives are challenged to make an original piece using another person’s art as the subject, material or canvas for their creation. (A concept by Daniel Fellowes at East Cliff Creatives)

Two lines of thought converged as a response to Madi’s piece. As the work supplied was purely digital (images and text), the initial idea was to consider a transition back to analogue – pure ethereal data translated back to physical form, and the route by which this could happen. The second idea came from the text, noting the repetition of the personal pronoun ‘I’ (sometimes the ‘i’ in ‘it’), which seemed as if pointing towards some assertion of consciousness beyond the actual words.
Weaving these two strands together; the digital image became translated into binary – the on/off of synapse – of semi-conductors and the electronic language of the machine. From the text ‘I’ became symbolic of the awakening of consciousness within the computer – of being, to be, être, ‘I am’ and of Artificial Intelligence.

The final piece developed as a small 8 page A6 sized book, constructed from a single sheet of A4 paper titled ‘être’. Binary was used as the language for images of the bag; of the computer’s thoughts and its awareness of being – becoming a statement of ‘I am’.

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