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Adventures in frottage

Developing some ideas on paper following an inspiring frottage and monoprint workshop led by Amanda Thesiger for Dover Arts Development as part of the Doverprintfest 2020. Old carved woodcut blocks under newsprint provide texture to rub with conte pastel.

woodcut block/card/string frottage on newsprint
art image Sketchbook

Collage sketchbook

A collage sketchbook 4/20: presenting a series of hand-cut paper collages that document perambulatory explorations of shape, contrast, colour and form. Each layout is arranged upon an A5 sketchbook page, creating some foundations of language for further development into larger scale works using mixed-media, print and paint. #collage #paper #covid19artistsathome #artistsathome #sketchbook

art opportunities Sketchbook

Sketchbook Project #B002447

My tiny sketchbook ‘Voyage’ takes the viewer on a journey in collage, an autobiographical odyssey, exploring ideas and places: through landscapes either real or constructed by memories.

About the project:

Every participant is sent the same 2.33×1.66″ blank custom sketchbook. Each book will be given a unique six-digit barcode so we can easily catalog it into Brooklyn Art Library’s system.

Once we catalog it, you’ll be able to track where your book travels and how often it is viewed—we want to make sure you can stay connected with your sketchbook!