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Recycle, metamorphosis and re-construct

Throughout our Monday Drawing Club zoom meeting I was collaging cuttings from some old woodblock prints, re-arranging & re-imagining connections between inked/non-inked papers. The motto ‘I have everything I need’ encourages an environmentally sound method of working, re-cycling previously used papers, that for one reason or another may not have been fulfilling their optimum potential. Now re-aligned they present some new and exciting possibilities of direction.
Three pieces collaged during the evening session are presented here:

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Threading Together

Threading Together is a cross-generational arts project, using textiles and photography focusing on food cultures and food memories. The project is culminating in an exhibition of photography and textile work, featuring work produced by our Travel and Tourism students as well as by members of the wider Dover community. The project has also involved some of the local independent range of cafes and restaurants that we have in Dover.

My plate of bratwurst, wild garlic sprinkled potatoes and red cabbage with apple is a rather eclectic heritage mix.

I have always loved sausages since I was very young, whether they be Bratwurst, Wall’s pork sausages in the UK, or those wonderful Weißwuascht from Southern Germany. Together with the boiled potatoes sprinkled with chopped wild garlic, they remind me of early years in Switzerland. Settling in the UK, my grandfather always carried a dried Edelweiss flower to remind him of his homeland, and I still have that to this day – along with his old 78 rpm recording of The Happy Wanderer, sung by The Obernkirchen Children’s Choir from 1953. The song ‘Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann’ rings true today as my passion is to wander through the many landscapes and cities of Europe. My somewhat European feast would not be complete without the red cabbage and apple I discovered and loved so much from dishes in The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland whilst on walkabout.

For further information about the project please visit:

Threading Together – Dover Arts Development (

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You can reach the world from Dover

‘You can reach the world from Dover’ – A Drawing Club special themed event for the DAD Digital Festival.

A series of three cut paper collages using cuttings from my old childhood atlas where dreams of travelling to distant lands were first explored. A doorway can be stepped through in both directions, and everyone can also reach Dover from the world.

For more about the DAD Digital Festival see:

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Fabric Friday

Recent Fridays in the studio have been wonderful collage inspired days, raiding my colleague’s fabric box to explore a selection of linens, cottons and silks. These three material based mixed-media collages developed over the past few weeks and were finally mounted onto 300g paper yesterday. All are approximately A2 in size un-framed.

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Scissor – cut

Our Dover Print & Drawing Club meetings (online via zoom since the 1st lock-down) are the perfect opportunity to relax amongst friends and create. There is no need to leave the house, hurry to a particular venue, or transport heavy materials; everything falls easily to hand within the comfort of the home studio.

Last Monday, after a full-on day, the evening club meeting presented an opportunity to chill for a while and explore shapes without any preconceived ideas. I usually cut collages with a medical scalpel, but this time I decided to just cut some paper with an ordinary pair of steel hand scissors, and see what might happen. Finding that I was enjoying the uneven line of each cut, I began layering the cut paper rather akin to a manual desktop form of Photoshop, moving shapes around before pausing some designs by holding the various elements in place with small strips removable tape. The four examples below had evolved in a similar manner, before settling upon their current form and paper finally fixed in place with permanent adhesive.

Litmus – paper collage 20x30cm
Dark Zone – paper collage 20x30cm
Chicane – paper collage 20x30cm
Gradient – paper collage 20x22cm
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Dover Print Market

Dover Print Fair in Market Sq, Dover

Saturday 29/5 10.00-17.00

Future Foundry welcomes visitors to the Dover Print Market in Dover Town Centre as part of a series of Print Fair events in conjunction with the Dover Studio Collective and Dover Arts Development, celebrating the 9th Fête de l’estampe. Future Foundry work with young artists and designers to help them build careers in the arts.

Dover Print Market will bring young, old, new and experienced printmakers together to exhibit and sell their work. There will also be a chance for visitors to see printmaking demonstrations and have a go themselves. The event will be run in line with Covid-19 restrictions. Free entry/ Entrée libre

Contact : Lisa Oulton –
Site internet :