About the artist and his studio…

My images develop out of quick sketches, inspired by dreams, feelings, recollections, songs, or experiences. With a palette of diverse figurative elements, I explore emotional responses to life, colour, pattern and language. I hope you enjoy your visit…

My work creates a juxtaposition of dreams, realities and sensations, fleeting moments from life inspired by my own experiences. I explore a sense of empathy for existing across different places and times, examining personal sensations of deja-vu, while moving through times, locations, and states of being, without a fixed linear chronology. I work with a diverse range of materials, enjoying experimenting with different art media (collage, drawing, painting and printmaking). Sometimes great surprises and discoveries come from exploration with an alternative medium.

My photography explores past events, experiences the present, and contemplates the future. The camera records, as a sketchbook, the essence of ideas, and the nuances of existence. Pathways are revealed in landscapes and faces that lead the explorer towards discoveries. I am fascinated by the area of shared experience and empathy between the photographer and model. The creation of the image is a collaborative event, which extends beyond the moment to include the viewer within this collective process.

My artwork has been commissioned and represented in various publications, with solo and group exhibitions showing in the UK, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and the USA. I have also taught adult classes and workshops in drawing, printmaking and painting.

I have always enjoyed image making, whether the process is drawing, painting, or photography. My first photographs date back to when I was nine years old, and was the proud owner of Kodak 127 roll film instamatic. Shooting mostly holiday scenics and friends, I then began to experiment painting landscapes in oil. After completing art studies at school, I started work as a trainee artist for a busy London advertising studio. This provided practical experience in the technical skills of image making and design. In 1994 I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, with a first class honours degree in Studio Art. My postgraduate study includes ‘Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, ‘Project Management’, and ‘Event Design’ at the University Centre Folkestone, England.

If you would like further information about a particular artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me. When you select and purchase artwork directly from my studio, it will be securely packed, then shipped either nationally or internationally, as required. We aim to ensure that you will be delighted with your chosen artwork for many years to come. Should you be unable to find precisely the type of image you are looking for within the gallery, you may like to consider having a piece of art designed to your individual specification. Commissions are welcomed in a wide variety of materials. Please contact the studio to discuss your requirements further.