Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

I’ve been exposing Polaroids with my pinhole camera yesterday celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. It was a little bit (too) breezy up on the cliffs at Capel le Ferne though and not ideal conditions for either long exposures, or peel apart instant film blowing about in the wind. Conditions did, however, contribute to suggestion of a sense of motion evident in some of the prints from my walk.
This is a scan of the first pinhole shot that morning. Polaroid 100 pinhole camera with a 1 minute exposure on expired Polaroid sepia type 100 instant film. Unfortunately after the first few shots, the developer had dried and the film pack jammed. The later Fuji prints still feel a bit too soft to scan at the moment.
Polaroid 100, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day #Polaroid #Pinholeday

By miketedder

Visual Artist