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The Print Exchange 2014

My mini print series for The Print Exchange 2014, should have completed its voyage across the Atlanic Ocean by now, and landed back on terra firma as it continues its journey to the Brooklyn Art Library. It has been exciting working on the small scale edition of 12 relief prints – the smallest block I have cut so far and a real contrast in scale to the larger A2 and A3 woodcuts I have previously editioned. I still love the effect of single ink monochrome printmaking, and have used waterbased black ink on 170g white paper for this particular print edition. The image of crow and boy suggest harmony between man and the natural world.

500 Printmakers, 12 Prints
The Sketchbook Project invited 500 printmakers to join their annual worldwide print exchange. This years theme is “Let This Be a Sign…” Each participant creates an edition of twelve prints to submit and will receive ten unique prints made by strangers in return! Of the two remaining, one will go into our archive at Brooklyn Art Library and the other will be used in an exhibition in New York.


By miketedder

Visual Artist