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1st roll of film for the Indisposable Concept

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I was excited to trial a disposable camera for the Indisposable Concept (1 roll of film, 1 week, 24 moments), but on this first film most of the shots were too underexposed to use – even for an 800asa film, which was in all probability caused by a faulty shutter. I still wanted to expose a roll of film for the project, so purchased a different type of disposable camera and decided to dive it a second try. I was about to embark on a few days excursion to the New forest, so packed the little Fuji single use camera to see if this one would perform better at recording scenes from the week. I found it to be an enjoyably simple little camera to use. The viewfinder is bright, although without parallax lines, so with closer subjects would require a little bit guesswork. There is nothing to set, however, just wind on; decide whether flash is required (which I did not actually need throughout); and shoot.

Once all the exposures were used, I sent the camera and the film it contained to be developed, then awaited the results with some trepidation. When I got the processed film back, I was really surprised how well exposed, bright and colourful the contact sheet was. On inspection of the scans, the little Fuji had really performed rather well, considering it’s tiny lens and simple construction. I’m delighted to at last have 1 roll of film, 1 week, 24 moments (27 actually) to share with the project from this little impromptu road trip.


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