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Sketchbook 4xx

With the speed of daily life, I seldom get enough time to spend within the pages of a sketchbook. Working on a book recently for the #sketchookproject has made me remember just how valuable that melting pot of ideas (a sketchbook) really is to my practice. The keeping of sketchbooks as voyages of exploration is such a familiar element of art college life, but post education good practices can tend to slip, just as post driving test we may not always use our rear-view mirrors as often as we should.

Now and again something comes along that kickstarts that process with vigour, in this case The Sketchbook Project (#sketchookproject), which encourages fresh interest in the book format as a collection of linked works, with a theme threaded through each page. I had already been developing some ideas in collage around two of the most common html error codes: 404 ‘page not found’ and 403 ‘forbidden’, but there are many more that spark the imagination. I quite often find that it is a combination of number and corresponding text that sets the imagination into overdrive, such as the evocative error 417 ‘Expectation failed’ (further explorations in collage and print currently on the studio drawing board).

After a couple of weeks of frenetic activity; cutting, sticking, drawing, re-sticking, the sketchbook was finally complete, from cover to cover. An index inside the front cover will also help viewers negotiate the numeric web page error codes, and their corresponding collages and illustrations. There was huge relief as my completed sketchbook was ready for its journey, and caught the airmail post out to the #sketchookproject in Brooklyn, New York.

It was also a relief to receive an email from The Sketchbook Project to let you know that my book had been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library, and could be found on the shelves with a call number of 225.23-6.


By miketedder

Visual Artist