art exhibition

Scriptism Exhibition

‘Scriptism’: an exhibition of art work exploring and expressing the idea of written communication.

The concept of this exhibition is inspired by the development of recording communication. One of the most important developments of humankind has been the development of writing. Writing is something that we take for granted, but how was this complex process brought into existence? The invention of writing happened over thousands of years in independent ways, in different parts of the world, yet it followed the same fundamental steps. Early in its development, a sign or symbol was used to indicate something. The earliest writing can be traced to Sumer, in Mesopotamia. This system did not use an alphabet; instead it used symbols representing familiar objects. The prehistoric cave paintings were artistic and realistic representations of primitive man’s world. If the pictures were intended to record an event or to convey a message, they could be considered to be a form of writing. Phonetic methods of writing developed, then syllabic, and alphabet letter forms.

This exhibition records our artists’ interpretation of written language, its inventions, and how it is constantly developing. Our exhibition takes place within the Folkestone Book Festival, exploring visual links with texts, books, the festival, and libraries.

Artworks are available for sale. Please ask library staff for assistance and to make payment.
For further details or information about this exhibition or the Folkestone Arts Collective please email