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10 Reasons to join SEOS 2013

1. By registering for Individual Membership online at you will benefit from an austerity beating price freeze for the fourth year at £105
2. The Open Studios Guide, with a circulation of over 30,000 is a valuable resource and research tool and has a shelf life of over 12 months.
3. South East Open Studios is a Regional Event every June, generating over 20,000 studio visits. Members and regular visitors anticipate it well in advance in their cultural calendars. SEOS enables you to build a new wider audience base for your work.
4. Membership is annual. You get 12 months presence on of a high-ranking website with your own update facility to add other events plus access to a message board. You will receive 12 months of membership news and opportunities – (6 Newsletters and 6 Bulletins)
5. The opportunity to meet other artists and makers through SEOS networking.
6. You can benefit from shared visitor traffic directed from colleagues and friends made at area planning meetings, where artists’ trails and local publicity campaigns are planned.
7. Open Studios brings you directly into contact with your audience and enables you to build a relationship with clients and to create a mailing list. Demonstrations add another interest for visitors as you share your process and creativity with them.
8. The cost benefit ratio between Open Studios and alternative exhibitions is known to be great value for money. Presenting from your own (or shared space) greatly reduces the additional financial burden, you gain from publicity and directed marketing at a greater level and for a sustained period. All the money is yours, with absolutely no commission on your direct sales.
9. If you want to take a year out but keep your name and work in visitors’ minds and retain your SEOS web presence plus networking benefits such as the newsletter, you can become an Associate Member.
10. If you want to participate but do not have a space or if you have a space and would like to share then do not let that put you off, you can leave information on our message board without being a member. Alternatively get in touch with our Area Coordinator Officer on
Online application is simple. You can view instructions on how to sign up as an online ‘flip book’. Just click on the homepage icon at:

By miketedder

Visual Artist