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You can’t do anything without being labelled…

And now for something completely different… the Folkestone Arts Collective exhibition “Tree of Enlightenment”at The Sassoon Gallery of Folkestone Library, Grace Hill, October 1st till 28th, 2012.

The centrepiece of this exhibition is an installation of a contemporary impression tree. We are constantly labelled or we label others, throughout our lives, from birth until death, we are asked to fit ourselves into various categories, to tick boxes, whether we agree or not. These labels or categories are sometimes difficult to break out of and stay with us throughout our life time.

The idea of the tree of enlightenment is to create a network of labels, accepted, unaccepted, positive, negative, the ignorance of others.

We invite you to view the artworks and to participate by writing on labels supplied any label or category that is close to your heart and leaving them on the tree installation.
Artworks are for sale. Please ask library staff for assistance and help for any you wish to purchase, or email the FAC should you require any further assistance.

For further details or information about this exhibition or to join and become a member contact;

By miketedder

Visual Artist