art exhibition

Post Nude

p o s t  n u d e

1 may 2011 – 31 may 2011

gallery 3 @ Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre

With some intrepidation today, I posted out my first collage postcard to the Horsebridge Post Nude show, dropping the small 10x13cm postcard into the big red post box.

Now my image is in the care of Royal Mail: it is the first time I have attempted to send an unprotected collage – with the ethos of the exhibition being that the cards pass through the postal system, and are displayed bearing the wear and tear of their transit.

I used 3M Photomount to attach the paper collage elements to a pre-printed postcard blank designed in MS Word. Now, it remains to be seen whether the collage remains intact, an the figure arrives with all limbs still attached. With the second collage postcard nearing completion, I am looking forward to seeing all the card entries at the new exhibition in Whitstable next month.