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New photo portfolio on Sightjumping

My photography is featured on the cross art form Sightjumping website this February. My portfolio presents an eclectic mix that has resulted from an excitement for a blurring of the boundaries between analogue and digital processes. My passion for the monochrome and duotone image is always evident; letters and words; highlight and shadow; the figure in the landscape; and a fascination for the magical boundaries between visible and invisible light; these are all recurrent themes, and sources of inspiration. Future projects will explore and indulge my fascination with analogue instant / Polaroid films.

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I have always enjoyed image making, whether the process is drawing, painting, or photography. My first photographs date back to when I was nine years old, and was the proud owner of Kodak 127 roll film instamatic. Shooting mostly holiday landscapes and friends portraits, I then progressed to using a wonderful Russian SLR, further fuelling my passion for black and white.

My photography explores past events, experiences the present, and contemplates the future. The camera records, as a sketchbook, the essence of ideas, and the nuances of existence. Pathways are revealed in landscapes and faces that lead the explorer towards discoveries. I am fascinated by the area of shared experience and empathy between the photographer and his model. The creation of the image is a collaborative event, which extends beyond the moment to include the viewer within this collective process.

It is a real pleasure to view the diversity, the beautiful work, and the talented artists presents to the world – thank you for that experience.

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By miketedder

Visual Artist