End of the impossible dream?

The initial delight of obtaining my first SX70 image in a few years is possibly fading a little around the edges. I am pleased that I initially scanned the very first print, since it is probably beginning to deteriorate already after a few days. Yesterday I scanned a few more of the prints obtained with this first batch of PX100 film and pale flecks were evident across some of the prints, including my ‘Blowing in the Wind’ image. Not a promising indicator of its archival qualities, especially considering that I have original Polaroid SX70 images from many years ago that retain a clear bright surface.

Faulty development PX100

A bizarre streak along one side seemed to have resulted from a faulty development upon ejection – not the results I had hoped for from a £2 print.

Using PX100 Silver Shade film has really re-ignited my fascination for instant photography, so the experiment has been a valuable re-introduction to the medium. It is a project I plan to continue, but I am also keen to experiment with Fuji instant films next – anyone got an old type100 film pack camera you don’t need anymore?

I found this realistic review by Garage Studios interesting:

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