FAC Breakfast Club

A group of artists from the Folkestone Arts Collective (FAC) met at the Cabin Cafe, recently re-located to the station side of Folkestone Harbour. We began the day with an enjoyable breakfast, before making our way to the now disused and sadly dilapidated Folkestone Harbour station platform, where once the Orient Express arrived in spledour. For further information about the station:

As a group of both painters and photographers, we each sought inspiration for our respective media with whatever attracted our attention. Painters set up easels on the platform and began sketching. I had decided that my camera would be my sketchbook for the morning, recording some of the details left behind, following the demise of the harbour line. I felt a hint of deja-vu, remembering clearly the holidays I spent as a boy, walking the disused Norfolk railway track around Kelling Heath, before it was brough back to life and beautifully restored by the North Norfolk Railway:

View from Platform 2

Mark of The Beast


Platform 1

Folkestone Harbour station is still magnificent, even now despite its crumbling state of disrepair. The huge sweeping ‘S’ of the line and its platforms must have been a spectacular sight back in its golden age. Reproduced above are a few of the shots from my photo sketchbook.

The FAC are hoping to arrange further monthly Breakfast Club meetings at a variety of Kent locations. For further information please contact Roberta on: