Toujours Le Bleu se Change en Noir

I have today put the finishing touches to my last artwork of 2008. The collage ‘Toujours Le Bleu se Change en Noir’ never seemed quite resolved, but I have now added the title text within the image, which balances the composition and, I feel, now enhances the atmosphere, completing the work which began some weeks ago.

‘Always blue becomes black’ is inspired by the phrase in a song by Marc Lavoine. The boy contemplates the changing of the blue sky to black, of day to night, and the number of changes that will represent his lifetime. The blue turned black long before he was born, and will continue to do so after he is gone – it is always an interesting sensation to contemplate somthing constant, such as this, that has been experienced by others for millennia before us, and will be seen by many long after our own lives have finished.

By miketedder

Visual Artist